Innovation is about change. And change is always uncertain.

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve tailored a set of deceptively simple tools that help teams embrace risk, take smart action, and make meaningful progress in uncertainty.

Innovate Confidently with Pivot Triggers – the course

In this cohort-based course, you’ll get your hands on the most powerful and pragmatic product methods I’ve found and remixed over 20 years.

“From every lesson I learned something where I thought "ok this is good, and usable for a team of designers I have.”” – Jan Rezac

“super easy to grasp and really human-friendly … almost tricks us getting faster outcomes that increase confidence against a specific idea.” – Michele Mazzucco

What can you expect from the course?

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The core pain Pivot Triggers can help you relieve ...

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The question: what do we need to see today to feel it’s worth continuing to invest in this tomorrow?

Have you ever carried on with a project even after you kinda knew it wasn't going to work?

Or struggled to ship a project even though you know it has potential?

Yeah, me too.

Both cases come down to one thing: the need for better signals.

Signals to keep investing, or signals to stop.

Over 20 years, I’ve seen that most people most of the time look for the wrong signals in the wrong places.

Pivot Triggers is lightweight scaffolding that helps you probe quickly for the signals you need to build confidence and momentum.

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