Have you ever carried on with a project even after you kinda knew it wasn't going to work?

Or struggled to ship a project even though you kinda know it has potential?

Yeah, me too.

Both cases come down to one thing: the need for signals.

Signals to keep investing, or signals to stop.

Over 20 years, I’ve seen that most people most of the time look for the wrong signals in the wrong places.

Pivot Triggers is lightweight scaffolding that helps you probe quickly for the signals you need to answer the core question: what do we need to see to feel it’s worth continuing to invest in this?

Want hands-on help to get started with Pivot Triggers?

Small Group Course Cohort #2 – Spring ‘22

I’m already preparing for the second Small Group Course cohort in February/March – all about building momentum and confidence for teams and individuals.

Places will be limited and the price will be going up.

So if you’d like to get early-bird access AND lock in the early-bird price (£195) …

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The form doesn’t commit you – it just gives you the option (as well as giving me a signal)

Want to go faster?

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