You’re under pressure to ship things fast. You know lots of what you’re shipping isn’t working.

You’d love to stop and figure things out with discovery, but that’s a luxury you just don’t have.

This feels like a trade-off… take time doing discovery work OR meet your delivery targets.

Why choose, when you can have both?

That’s why I created Pivot Triggers.

The core question: what do we need to see today to feel it’s worth continuing to invest in an idea tomorrow?

Have you ever carried on with a project even after you kinda knew it wasn't going to work? Or struggled to get started on a project even though you believe it has potential? Yeah, me too.

Both cases come down to one thing: the need for better signals sooner. Signals to double down on the idea, signals to adapt it, signals to totally change course towards a better option. Because the harsh reality is that your success depends on the behaviours of people and systems that are outside your control.

I’ve seen too many teams wait far too long to look for these signals.

So with Pivot Triggers, you get lightweight scaffolding that helps you probe quickly for the signals you need. You’ll kill bad ideas fast and build true confidence and momentum around good ideas.

I’ve been counting. Over the past 6 years, Pivot Triggers has saved:

Pivot Trigger Thumb.png

Learn how to set your very first Pivot Triggers. This 110-minute video is an instructional walkthrough that will get you doing discovery and delivery at the same time today


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